About Noise Heat Power

In 1991, Noise Heat Power was a slogan on a shirt. It was a shirt made my me and a mate, and it meant the music, the energy, the banging and the clanging of Sheffield. Uncelebrated, unloved, ‘umble Sheffield.

Now Noise Heat Power is the name of this website – an archive of my writing and photographs. It consists of stuff that I think of and then write down. It’s about a load of things I like. And it’s about a load of things I remember. Sometimes it’s about Sheffield, or Liverpool, or music or art. But it could just as easily be about concrete. Or drizzle. Or bus stops.

Everything you see on this website is by me, Damon Fairclough, a writer based in Liverpool via a long-lost Sheffield of the soul. In the world beyond this internet kingdom, I’ve written a book about Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre, created a universe for the PlayStation game Wipeout, been an artist-in-residence in County Antrim, recorded a poem about Thatcher’s death that received airplay in Toronto, and had my photos of 1980s’ Sheffield turned into coffee tables in Turin.

I also work as a freelance copywriter and journalist. You can find out more, or even hire me, at damonfairclough.com

But that’s not important right now. What matters are the words, and you’ll find them here.